The link between plague raves and the second wave

3 min readNov 23, 2020

In an interview with NDR from the 16th of April, Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, head of virology at the Berlin Charité, made some predictions about how the pandemic may spread in the future. In order to do so, he drew an analogy with the Spanish flu. As with the Spanish flu, COVID19 also broke out locally. Suddenly, there were a few places where many people got infected and some died. While the pandemic gradually spread around these hotspots (in Germany it was North Rhine-Westphalia at first), other places were not yet affected. This was the first wave of the pandemic. It triggered several policies that successfully contained the spread of the virus for some time.

Today, there are hotspots all over Germany, however. We are caught in a second wave.

Prof. Dr. Drosten points out that the same happened in the case of the Spanish flu. During the winter months the flu had also spread everywhere. How did this second wave come about? In the case of the Spanish flu, the virus had evenly spread during the summer without being recognized.

It is quite obvious that we can only recognize the spreading of a virus if people get tested or, at worst, die. Hence, there are two possible reasons for why COVID19 could spread without being recognized during the summer months. First, people who are at higher risk have a stronger immune system in summer and are, therefore, less likely to die. Second, an increasing number of people who are not at risk get infected but not tested.

While low risk people carry the virus without showing any symptoms, they can still infect other people, however. In the case of COVID19, it is also very likely that they have disproportionately carried the virus during the summer months. Firstly, the number of low risk people is far higher than that of high risk people among the population. Secondly, low risk people tend to care much less about prevention as long as they feel healthy themselves. This has led to a situation where we can see the spreading of the virus everywhere now: not only are more people getting tested, but high risk people are also dying at great numbers all over Europe. By now the virus has spread so much that it is questionable whether there is any other way to keep it in check than another complete lockdown or eventually a gradual vaccination program.

Following Prof. Dr. Drosten’s predictions which have become a sad reality, one may wonder what the connections to business techno are? Let us try to explain it for those who wonder what the correlation between plague raves and the exploding pandemic is. All those who have carefully followed our reporting of the plague raves may already anticipate the answer to this question. One must only draw a link between the vast number of low risk young people who have attended these raves and the unrecognized spreading of the virus during the summer months.

For this reason, it is very likely that the plague raves have actively contributed to the second wave. It makes no difference whether the big DJs may be correct that the recognized cases in the cities they played seemed low at the time. If promoters and DJs would have listened to experts back in April and then followed their consciousness rather than greed and fear of missing out, the situation could look quite different today. While promoters and DJs, therefore, carry a significant responsibility, all “ravers” who have attended the plague raves should also ask themselves whether it was worth it after all. They have also put their loved ones and everyone else, especially high risk people, in an extremely dangerous position. Historically, this is not at all a surprising pattern. White freedoms have always depended on the exploitation of precarious bodies.

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